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The Exchange API is for developers looking to create automated betting systems or custom betting interfaces for themselves or for Betfair customers.  The Exchange API is available for the GlobalSpanish and Italian Betfair Exchange

The API contains a powerful set of features that enable advanced market navigation, search, odds retrieval, bet placement and sports related data retrieval.  The Exchange API is made up of the following key components: 

  • Betting API  - Contains navigation, odds retrieval and bet placement operations.
  • Accounts API - Contains account related operations such as the ability to retrieve your available account balance as well as Vendor Services operations that are available to licensed Software Vendors
  • Heartbeat API - allows you to automatically cancel unmatched bets in the event of your API client/s losing connectivity.
  • Race Status APIallows you to establish the status of a horse race or greyhound market both prior to and after the start of the race. 
  • Exchange Stream API - allows you to subscribe to market changes (both price and definitions) and orders.


There are a number of documentation resources available:

Getting Started Guide - provides all the information required regarding licensing,  login and making your first requests via the Betfair API.

Reference Guide - the latest documentation for the Betfair API.

Sample Code - code samples are available in a number of programming languages.

Demo Tools -  allow you to quickly test API operations via an easy to use interface.

Developers Forum - discuss the Betfair API, share your knowledge and ask questions of the developer community.

Translated documentation - is available in Portuguese, Spanish,  Russian & Swedish

Benefits & Features

The main benefits and features of the Exchange API include:

  • Access to the Exchange API is free of charge for development purposes*# to all developers for personal use only.

  • No data request charges for requests made via the Exchange API

  • Lightweight protocol (JSON/JSON-RPC).

  • Configure the depth of the best prices returned to you.    

  • Rollup available prices - you can configure the rollup amount and type.

  • Retrieve data from multiple markets in one request.

  • Retrieve matched and unmatched bets and prices available via a single request.

  • Search by MarketType (MATCH_ODDS, WIN, PLACE etc.) flags which remain the same, regardless of language.

  • Search for in-play markets.

  • View ‘result’ by selection after settlement.

  • View virtual prices.


* does not apply to commercial access. Please see Commercial Opportunities for details of commercial licensing

# You should use your Delayed Application key for development purposes. To apply for a Live Application key please click here and select Exchange API > For My Personal Betting and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.  A one-off activation fee of £299 applies; this is debited directly from your Betfair account once access is approved.


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