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The RUNNER_METADATA returned by listMarketCatalogue for Horse Racing (when available) is described in the table below.


WEIGHT_UNITSThe unit of weight used.pounds
ADJUSTED_RATINGAdjusted ratings are race-specific ratings which reflect weights allocated in the race and, in some circumstances, the age of the horse. Collectively they represent the chance each runner has on form. Please note: this data is only returned for those with a Premium Timeform subscription79
DAM_YEAR_BORNThe year the horse’s mother's birth1997
DAYS_SINCE_LAST_RUNThe number of days since the horse last ran66
WEARINGAny extra equipment the horse is wearingtongue strap
DAMSIRE_YEAR_BORNThe year in which the horse's grandfather was born on its mothers side1988
SIRE_BREDThe country were the horse's father was bredIRE
TRAINER_NAMEThe name of the horse's trainerFergal O'Brien
STALL_DRAWThe stall number the horse is starting from10
SEX_TYPEThe sex of the horsef
OWNER_NAMEThe owner of the horseMr M. C. Fahy
SIRE_NAMEThe name of the horse's fatherRevoque
FORECASTPRICE_NUMERATORThe forecast price numerator13
FORECASTPRICE_DENOMINATORThe forecast price denominator8
JOCKEY_CLAIMThe reduction in the weight that the horse carries for a particular jockey were applicable.5


The weight of the horse163
DAM_NAMEThe name of the horse's motherRare Gesture
AGEThe age of the horse7
COLOUR_TYPEThe colour of the horseb
DAMSIRE_BREDThe country were the horse's grandfather was bornIRE
DAMSIRE_NAMEThe name of the horse's grandfatherShalford
SIRE_YEAR_BORNThe year the horse's father was born1994
OFFICIAL_RATINGThe horses official rating97
FORMThe horses recent form212246
BREDThe country in which the horse was bornIRE



The runnerId for the horse

JOCKEY_NAMEThe name of the jockey. Please note: This field will contain 'Reserve' in the event that the horse has been entered into the market as a reserve runner. Any reserve runners will be withdrawn from the market once it has been confirmed that they will not run.Paddy Brennan
DAM_BREDThe country where the horse's mother was bornIRE
COLOURS_DESCRIPTIONThe textual description of the jockey silkRoyal blue and black check, white sleeves and cap
COLOURS_FILENAMEA relative URL to an image file corresponding to the jockey silk. You must add the value of this field to the base URL:

Please note - silk cloth images aren't provided for US Racing. The saddlecloth images used for US racing can be view via

CLOTH_NUMBERThe number on the saddle-cloth5
CLOTH_NUMBER ALPHAThe number on the saddle-cloth. For US Racing were the runner is paired, this field will display the cloth number of the paired runner e.g. "1A"1A

Terms of use:  Please refer to regarding the above data.


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