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The createDeveloperAppKeys service will assign two Application Keys (App Keys) to your Betfair account.

One 'Live' App Application Key and one 'Delayed' App Application Key. A delayed App Delayed Application Key is displayed as 'Version 1.0-DELAY' via createDeveloperAppKeys/getDeveloperAppKeys


  • Upon creation, the Live Application Key will be inactive.

  • The Delayed App Key operates on the live (production) Betfair Exchange and not a testbed/sandbox environment.
  • The Delayed App Key should be use for development purposes and any functional testing.  The key provides delayed Betfair price data. The delay is variable between 1-180 second snapshots.

  • The Delayed App Key must also be used in simulation/practice applications where the facility to bet into live Betfair markets is not available.
  • The Delayed App Key does not return traded volume data 'totalMatched' or EX_ALL_OFFERS via listMarketBook. 
  • To apply for a to activate your Live Application key please click here and select Exchange API > For My Personal Betting and complete the application form at the bottom of the page.  If  
  • If approved, a one-off activation fee of £299 applies; this is debited directly from your Betfair account.  Your Betfair account must be funded and fully verified for your application to be considered.