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titleAPI-NG Roadmap

Estimated Release Date*     






JulyTBCAdd RaceType field & filterAdditional MARKET_DESCRIPTION field & RaceType filter added to listMarketCataloguePending
JulyTBCGraphs APIProvides ability to create more advanced trading graphs based on granular price & traded volume data since market creation.Pending
17th JulyAdding additional fields to listMarketBook & Exchange Stream API to support Spreads & Totals market types.

Exchange API - Additional PriceLadderDescription object to the MarketDescription detailing the type of price ladder for the market. Adding an optional KeyLineDescription object to the MarketState containing details of the selections and handicaps forming the KeyLine.

Exchange Stream API - Additional PriceLadderDefinition, KeyLineDefinition objects added to MarketDefinition.

11th AprilAdding support for LINE marketsAdding support for LINE markets.Released
28th MarchNew listRunnerBook operationReturns a list of dynamic data about a market and a specified runner. Released


11th NovemberExchange Stream API ImprovementsIncrease ladder levels to 10 (from 6) and min currency roll up from £2 to £1Released
13th OctoberBetting Enhancements (Part 2)
  • Async bet placement

12th October

listMarketBook & Market Streaming

New PLACED status enum for settled runners in EACH_WAY markets.


12th OctoberBetting Enhancements (Part 2)
  • Add customerOrderRef parameter
  • Add customerStrategyRef parameter

w/c 10th OctoberWeb ApplicationsProvides the ability for developers, who are part of the Vendor Program, to create web applications.Released

8th August

Greyhound Status

Addition to Race Status API to include Greyhound meetings.


8th August

Betting Enhancements (Part 1)

  • Fill or kill bets.
  • Exchange market 'version' placeOrders & replaceOrder parameter.
  • Lower minimum stakes for larger prices.
  • Bet to Payout or Profit/Liability.


23rd MayAPI Status DashboardDynamic status page for checking availability of the API.Released

31st May

Exchange Order Streaming (production)

Stream bet information.


AprilExchange Market StreamingStream market information (primarily prices) based on user-filters.Released
AprilExchange Order Streaming (beta)Stream bet information.Released


16th FebruaryScores API - TennisAvailable to Betfair customers** providing live tennis scores and incidents for ATP & WTA matches (excludes Grand Slam tournaments).

Released - contact Developer Support for details

20th AprilEach Way DivisorAddition of each way divisor to enable users to easily establish the each way terms via the API.Released
17th AugustlistClearedOrders - New fields added to responseAdd lastMatchedDate, Each Way Divisor and MarketType to listClearedOrders.Released
26th OctoberRace StatusProvide race status messages via the API e.g. Going Down, Going Behind, Under Orders.Released