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  • orderFilter (optional)


This optional filter already filters by your account; but additional data shaping is supported


Line Markets

Line markets being sent on the Market Stream can be identified by the bettingType field of MarketDefinition (with value of "LINE").

The MarketDefinition of Line markets provide some additional fields that will be null for all other types,

  • lineMaxUnit - maximum value for the outcome, in market units for this market (eg 100 runs).
  • lineMinUnit - minimum value for the outcome, in market units for this market (eg 0 runs).
  • lineInterval - the odds ladder on this market will be between the range of lineMinUnit and lineMaxUnit, in increments of the interval value.e.g. If lineMinUnit=10 runs, lineMaxUnit=20 runs, lineInterval=0.5 runs, then valid odds include 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 up to 20 runs.


For updates for Orders on Line markets received on the Order Stream be aware of how the following properties behave,

  • price - line markets operate at even-money odds of 2.0. However, price for these markets refers to the line positions available as defined by the markets min-max range and interval steps.
  • side - for Line markets a 'B' bet refers to a SELL line and an 'L' bet refers to a BUY line.
  • averagePriceMatched - this value is not meaningful for activity on Line markets and is not guaranteed to be returned or maintained for these markets.

Stream API Status - latency

Every ChangeMessage, for order and market stream, contains a 'status' field which will give an indication on the health of the stream data provided by the service.  This is feature will be used in addition to the heartbeat mechanism which only gives an indication that the service is up but doesn't provide an indication of the latency of the data provided. 

By default, when the stream data is up to date the value is set to null and will be set to 503 when the stream data is unreliable (i.e. not all bets and markets changes will be reflected on the stream) due to an increase in push latency.  Clients shouldn't disconnect if status 503 is returned; when the stream recovers updates will be sent containing the latest data.  The status is sent per each subscription on heartbeats and change messages.

Example of message containing the status field:



Offline Documentation

An offline version of the Exchange Stream API is available via ExchangeStreamAPI-Feb2017.pdf